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Carla Gonzalez Vargas


Born in Mexico City, Carla started her career as a writer and journalist. Her first book: Woody

Allen: His Life and Movies, in 2004, encountered a very successful response. Two more books of her authorship followed: The Routes of Mexican Cinema 1990-2006, and Cine Mexicano from the Spanish publishing house Lunwerg. Additionally, Gonzalez Vargas has collaborated as a Film Columnist for diverse magazines such as Cine Premier and Milenio. As well as multiple radio and TV shows in Mexico. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California, where she established her own production company The Whistling Man,from which its first two feature films will be released in the near future.

Hilda mercado


Born and raised in Mexico City, Hilda has MFA in Cinematography from the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. Her credits include feature films, commercials, documentaries, and television series. During her career she has received the student Emmy by the Academy of Television Art and Sciences (ATAS) for her short film A Piece of Earth. In 2007 she received an Artistic Achievement in Cinematography for the film entitled ¨La Primavera¨ at the ICG Emerging Cinematographer Awards. She shares her knowledge and experience by teaching seminars in Film Schools in Mexico and the U.S.

Alex márquez


Born in El Salvador in 1974, Alex has an ample experience with films like: Snowden (2015. Director: Oliver Stone), Korean Dream (2015  Director: Alvaro Longoria), Criminal Activities (2015 Director: Jackie Earle Haley), London Fields (2014 Director: Mathew Cullen),Hacker (2014 Director: Akan Satayev), Savages (2012 Director: Oliver Stone), 2008-2013 The Untold History of the United States (10 Part Series for Showtime Network. Director: Oliver Stone) and
Alexander (Director: Oliver Stone).



Born and raised in México, Víctor Hernández graduated as a pianist from UNAM's National School of Music in Mexico City, and went on to finish graduate studies in Music Composition for the Screen from Columbia College Chicago in 2009. Since then, Víctor has worked with some of the most outstanding film directors of current Mexican cinema. In 2010 Víctor collaborated with Cannes' Film Festival- Palme d'Or winner: Carlos Carrera, for the upcoming feature animated film Ana y Bruno. He has composed for various films such as: Aquí Entre Nos / Between Us,  Casi30, Las Horas Contigo/The Hours With You, Ciudades Desiertas/ Deserted Cities and collaborated in writing additional music for Alejandro González Iñárritu's Birdman.

nerio barberis


Born in Argentina, Nerio became an Engineer in Electronics at the University of Buenos Aires. Since 1968 he has participated in numerous film productions from Argentina, México, Venezuela, Perú, Brasil, Costa Rica and Spain. He is a prominent teacher at the Centro de Capacitacion Cinematografica (CCC) in Mexico City, where he resides since 1977, and in Cuba, where he co-funded the school of sound in 1987. Nerio has worked in more than a hundred films, which has earned him several accolades and recognitions in his field. He belongs to the Mexican Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Liliana Pardo


Before becoming an independent producer, Liliana worked in one of the most prestigious film schools in Mexico, the CCC (Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica), as subdirector of production and technical services. She has produced numerous films and shorts, amongst which are: Conozca la Cabeza de Juan Pérez,  El lugar más pequeño, Somos lo que hay, Inercia, La Revolución de los Alcatraces, La Guerrera, and La Guerra de Manuela Jancovic.  She also directed the documentary Soledad. She teaches film production in various schools and cultural centers within Mexico and abroad.

gaby vargas


A best-seller author in Mexico with 13 books published and more than two million copies sold. Her books cover multiple themes related to self improvement, health, self esteem, spirituality and general well being. Gaby is also a public speaker who participates in written press, radio and television, adding up to more than 30 media outlets in the country. She’s a member of the International Women’s Forum and was named “Woman of the Year” in 2008, an accolade she received from the First Lady of Mexico Margarita Zavala.


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